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We All Already Belong with Mindy Tsonas

We All Already Belong with Mindy Tsonas

Collective Belonging


How you doin’?

We’ve been a bit silent over here but that’s not an indication of not doing stuff!

Last week we released our final conversation episode of The Earth Sea Love Podcast for this season before we move back into some solo mini episodes.

So I thought it would be fitting to jump on here and share a snippet/ soundbite/taster of my conversation with the lovely and inspiring Mindy Tsonas.

I felt honoured to be able to spend time talking with Mindy and exploring what belonging really means in this time, in this society for us if we’re willing to ditch the false speak and embrace our true natures.

Honey, we all already belong. Repeat it. We all already belong. What does this mean when we are fed the daily lies, moment to moment, that we have to dress a certain way, have a certain income, go to a ‘special’ place in order to belong? What does this mean when we are operating under the assumption that we need to pay for that chance of belonging with our cash, sanity, and souls?

I’m super excited to bring you this episode. Check out the full episode over on The Earth Sea Love Podcast, on our website or on your usual podcast provider platforms.

Let us know what you think.

We hope to have Mindy back with us in the fall to explore the concept and practice of belonging further.

Extra information about Mindy Tsonas:

Mindy Tsonas is a maker, manyeo and cultural organizer who facilitates circles of creativity, collective belonging and care. She believes in using art and alchemy as mediums for generative connection, somatic healing and radical change. As a transracial, transnational adopted person from the South Korean diaspora, this deeply informs her embodied perspective on land and lineage throughout all of her work and organizing.


Mindy’s Website:

Instagram: @mindytsonaschoi

Patreon: Community, Art and practices

Substack: Writing & Stories 

Collective Belonging: @collectivebelonging

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