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62-The Earth Sea Love Podcast Coming To YouTube

Making changes to the podcast for 2024

Episode 62, ending season 5.

This is a recent episode recorded by your host, Dr Sheree Mack while walking the North-East coast and taking you along with her.

While filling her creative pot, Sheree shares the road ahead for the podcast with season 6 in 2024.

As the Earth Sea Love Podcast diversifies its guests, while  partnering with identity on tyne with their Black Nature in Residence Programme 2:0, they also thought it might be a good idea to broaden the audience through a Youtube channel. 

Here at Earth Sea Love CIC , they are just trying to tie everything in with the podcast, the zine, the website and the YouTube channel. Let's see how it goes but they're excited.

In this episode, Sheree walks and talks about eating out there and giving herself the gift of time and space. Not working to any agenda and changing up perspectives so she can work within a system which is beneficial for her wholeness. 

The usual podcast episode can be found here also.

The Earth Sea Love Zine
The Earth Sea Love Zine
Nature Connection: learning from
nature’s wisdom to live a better, slower and more fulfilled life.